Here are this week's best 12 cosplay pictures for 27 November 2020. Collection #1


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Happy turkey day my american friends 🥂 I hope you eat food and be merry


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection



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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Who's your favorite villian? 😈I know that you guys want MORE! Check my P🅰️tre🅾️n for the Evelynn cosplay Set of the Month in 8K resolution! With 1️⃣8️⃣+ pics start from the Gold tier (full only on GrandMaster tier) Only in November!Prints and photo book are already on my Et🤔sy!Lℹ️nks in 🅱️ℹ️🅾️


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BLACK FRIDAY on my OF! 5 bucks for a sub and nОО_d sаlе ;)


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

WOW! I'M SPEECHLESS 😱Thank you very much for your interest in my "The Huntress" photobook! It's the first time I did something like that and didn't expect that so many of you would be interested!#TheElderScrolls is a very special game for me and I love it from the bottom of my heart since I was 14 y.o. 💖Thank you very much for sharing my passion! 🙏🏻For now all stand-alone books are s0ld out, but I'm planning to start a !BlG GlVEAWAY! with many gifts for you very very soon, so keep your eyes peeled 😉P.S. I'm planning a little trip to the North of my country very soon. I think I'll grab my Aela cosplay with me to make some photos in the snow. Wish me luck to not freeze to death by shooting at - 10 celsius or so 🤣❄️#games #portraitphotography#redhead #cosplay #TESV #bethesda #aela #aelathehuntress #******


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Black Friday 🎉🎁🖤 Sales everywhere 😱 Can't ignore it! All new 50 tier will have 3 rare photoshoots of myself immediately 🖤 Till 30 of November 🥰 [email protected]🍩🍾 Don’t miss it! Do you use this days for 🛒 shopping?? 🛍;D #blackfriday


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Beautiful OpheliaThis set isn't about hot girl or something like that. It's about art and inspiration for me.Gentle part of mine creativity I'll give to all my Pаtrоns from first tier and aboveLet it be my November gift for you ❤ Ophelia: @ladalyumosPhoto: @kmitenkova#ophelia #gamleth #redhair #fantasy #dress #red #girl #art #beauty #costumemaker #costumedesign #photoshoot #fantasycosplay


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Another teaser of alternative 2B from NieR:Automata will warm you a little! 🍑This beautiful android 2B in a costume designed by azazel1944 and drawn by Zumi artist will accompany Yashiro Nene, Sirius and Ahri in the November Раtreon Rewards! You do not want to miss such a ton of of hot content, and there are less than five days left!Get your Tier II+ subscription today and get your rewards in the first week of December! Check out my Раtreon and tiers on my website in bio! Waiting for everyone of you! ~ ^^————Еще один тизер альтернативной 2B из NieR:Automata не даст вам замерзнуть! 🍑 Несравненная 2B в альтернативном костюме от дизайнера azazel1944 и художника Zumi дополнит Ясиро Нэнэ, Сириус и Ари в ноябрьских наградах для моих подписчиков на Раtreоn! Не пропустите гору горячего контента, ведь осталось меньше пяти дней! Оформляйте подписку II+ уровня уже сегодня, и получите свои награды в первой неделе декабря! Ссылка на Раtreоn и все подробности об уровнях подписки — на моем сайте в био! Жду каждого из вас!~ ^^ Ph by @smougtea_photo


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

⁣Просто сижу и намекаю, что пора тебе сделать сюрприз тому, кого любишь :3⠀Мм.. клубничка в бельгийском шоколаде🤤⠀⠀⠀У и цветочки, и шоколад и ягоды - прекрасное настроение и улыбка уж точно будут обеспечены 💝 ⠀⠀Какой шоколад больше всего любите?:)⠀Я - белый 🤍⠀Из темного только с 90% какао, не меньше)


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

You asked me...And asked me...And aaaaasked me about my cosplay of this new KDA Akali outfit 😂 Well, now especially for u I have the new goal on my P🅰️tre🅾️n (link in bio), and when I reach 550 patrons there, we will ̶b̶l̶o̶w̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶d̶ shooting this outfit 🔥 THE GAME STARTED ahaha Btw, no matter what tier u subscribe - only number of patrons is important 😉 Any tier, any pledge :3 Да, что ж, после огромного количества вопросов про новые КДА скины и в частности про Акали, я решила сделать небольшую цель на Патреоне (активная ссылочку в био) - 550 патронов. Собственно, как только так сразу :3 Неважно, к какому тиру/уровню вы присоединитесь - важно лишь количество. Поэтому выбирайте любой уровень, какой нравится - награды вы получите в любом случае 😉❤️#kda #kdaakali #cosplay


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

Original elf for you 🖤Сегодня опробовала новый вариант мейка под азиатскую тян☆Теперь хочу всегда с таким макияжем ходить❤#tokyofashion #elfcosplay #darkelf #darkelfcosplay #originalcharacter #********* #elfgirl #elfgirlcosplay #cosplayangels @s_g_g_p #win_winry #elfgirls #elfcosmetics


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12 Best cosplay this week CQEsports collection

What about beautiful Venus from other perspective? Maybe you like this kind of view more? 🤭Honestly I enjoy this project so much! It is so interesting experience of taking something soft and gentle with shibari ropes and mix it in one aesthetic idea. The result is really eye catching, don't you think? 🥰📷 Photo by @tis_art 🔗 Shibari by CaptainThis photoshoot is waiting for you in a Boudoir Bunny tier this month. Link in bio 😉♥️#shibari #model #photoshoot #shibaribondage #shibarimodel #originalcharacter #cosplay

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