Here are this week's best 16 cosplay pictures for 04 December 2020. Collection #4

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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

I was molded out of clay and brought to life by Zeus🌚 weird flex, but ok👍Don't miss this Diana's set on my OF page 💪🏼❤️#wonderwoman #wonderwoman1984 #wonderwomancosplay #cosplay #dccomics #dcuniverse


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Looks like I'm sneaking for something hah 🤭😼 What do you think I'm looking for? Or maybe who? 📷 Photo by @tis_art #photoshoot #model #ladyofthelake #fantasycosplay #originalcharacter #mermaid #mermaidcosplay


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Wanna hold hands on our way through Pallet Town? 📷 @john_fitspositoEdit @kevinertia


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

I have so many Christmas pajamas. Haha. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. 🎅🏻🎄🎁 What about you?


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Which game was your favorite in this year? I really spend months in ACNH :D Also, I’m very excited for Cyberpunk, and it’s only 8 days left till it 🤯 #horizonzerodawn #aloy


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

After Vampire the Masquerade phase cosplay of Lenore was my blessing.⠀I've been obsessed with setting when I was 19-20 years old. Still keep some book with all rules, groups and traditions of World of Darkness. I wrote all information in my own notepads to memorize them well and still remember some guide lines. And honestly, this really helped my social skills. Even if this is just a game, it still brings proper understanding of communication between people. You learn to look at social life as to chess game, where you can use many strategies and read tactics of people who play with you. And also you learn about dark parts of social life. We never speak about them, yet they still exist. I was lucky to try them out as part of game before they happened in real life.⠀Speaking about Lenore - her character was really nice, even if it wasn't that deep. She was too direct with her manipulations, and that's not very good thing (especially for one who got name Diplomat). Speaking about Vampire the Masquerade... What shall be clan of Lenore, if it was game setting? I'm thinking about Lasombra. Or maybe Toreador. I've been also thinking about Ventrue, but she doesn't have that dominative energy.⠀But anyway, what's your prediction about her?⠀________________________⠀Credits:⠀Photo by @alexbootsmanCostume by @fdcosplaystudioWig by @natsumi_cosplay


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Santa Babbyyyy I hope your ready for this holiday spam, I am! If you could only eat one holiday food for the rest of the holidays... what would you choose?! I’d choose deviled eggs... 🥴🥴🥴 ✨WHICH PHOTO DO YOU LIKE BEST! ✨


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Do you remember my #Sunstone Lisa cosplay?Cute submissive girl ❤ 💋Lisa by @ladalyumos💋Photo by @kmitenkova💋Wig: @aaleenorr💋Corset: @ladalyumos💋Swordbelt: @olyaholmes⠀#stjepansejic #sunstone #sunstonecomic #nebezial #shiniez #bdsmcomic #bdsmcosplay#cosplay #cosplaybabe #cosplay365 #sexycosplayergirl


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Hey-hey!~ Do you remember when I said that I LOVE Ahri from the League of Legends? ^^ Won't hold it anymore: the wonderful Christmas Ahri becomes the first photoset of December! ❄Finally 2020 comes to the finish line! How do you feel about the first month of winter already? Are you starting to get a Christmas mood?Christmas Ahri will be the first photoset of the month for my Раtrоns who supported me in December. Are you interested in more spicier a hotter pictures? Visit my Раtreon on the webstie and bio, check out the subscription tiers and make yourself a tiny but special and exclusive Christmas gift in advance! ✨--------Привет-привет!~ Помните, не так давно я говорила, что очень люблю Ари из League of Legends? ^^ Не буду затягивать со вступплением: первым фотосетом декабря становится чудесная рождественская Ари! ❄ Наконец-то 2020 год выходит на финишную прямую! А как вы относитесь к первому месяцу зимы? Появляется ли у вас потихоньку рождественское настроение? Рождественская Ари станет первым из трех фотосетов месяца, доступ к которым получат мои декабрьские подписчики на Раtreon. Хотите увидеть больше горячих и пикантых фото? Переходите на мою страницу Раtreon на сайте в био, знакомьтесь с уровнями подписки и сделайте себе заранее небольшой новогодний подарок! ✨Ph by @smougtea_photo


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

MOXES!🦾🧨Formed in 2067 in the interest of mutual self-defense purposes🧨Their name comes from the old slang term "moxie," denoting their determination to stand up against their oppressors. 🧨The Moxes like to wear outfits that are a mix of the punk aesthetic and the inexpensive fashion.Are u waiting for #cyberpunk2077 ?what’s ur fav faction? this is the original design of the costume, inspo @tuabb character, I decided her Cyberpunk Girl is perfect for Moxes!😻#cyberpunk2077cosplay#cyberpunkcosplay#cyberpunk @cyberpunkgameAnd yeah, best Nike Air Presto by @erlsn.acr 👟#acronymnike#nikeacronym


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Let’s remember my cosplay of Mikasa Ackerman one more time ⚔️ Btw who has already seen my today’s stories from new set?😉.Давайте вспомним ещё один раз мой косплей на Микасу Акерман⚔️Кстати кто уже увидел мои сторис с сегодняшнего фотосета?😉.#mikasaackerman #mikasa #mikasacosplay #mikasaackermancosplay #shingekinokyojincosplay #attackontitan #attackontitancosplay #aot #aotcosplay #ackerman


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Neko-chan 💕 I did a lot of adorable selfies of my ********* Neko girl🙏 So sorry for this spam 😂😅 Wig by @pastellovesstore 💙Fur ears by @cheshiretoys #neko #nekogirl #cosplay #furears


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

In which year you firstly got to know with the Pokemon world? I met them approximately in 2000, during this time I was collecting stickers with pokemons and glued them to the special notebook in the right sequence by numbers. I've almost collected them all!В каком году вы впервые познакомились с миром покемонов? Я примерно в 2000, в то время я собирала наклейки с покемонами и вклеивала в специальную тетрадку четко в нужной последовательности, по номерам. Я почти собрала их всех!#pokemon #pokemoncosplay #pokemongo #pokémon #pokémongo #pokemonmemes #pokemoncards #pokebowl #soniapokemon #soniapokemoncosplay #soniaanime #pokemonsonia #pokemontcg #pokemoncenter @s_g_g_p #собериихвсех


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Lots of times I help you to feel cool 😎 sharing cool stuff with you! Now help me too 😋 I need a really GOOD Christmas movie, or book, or tv show, or game 🤩 Let’s start with the suggestions 🥳 Bodyart @sinkopa Location my @dalifotostudio Photo @photo_makar All original size pics - [email protected]/jannet#tiefling #bodyart


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16 Best cosplay this week Collection 4

Teatime ☕️♥︎ティータイム♥︎☕️🍴24小時都是下午茶時間!💄ヘアメイク @miyako_reiko 📷@kumo_linouo#elycosplay #dailyely #elydaily #blessed #travel #kimono #retrostyle #retro #retro

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