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K/DA are cool, but what about True Damage?🔥I feel some... 30 3 weeks ago세종문화회관 대극장리그 오브 레전드 라이브 : 디 오케스트라다녀온 후기 브이로그👋... 71 1 month ago
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and... 51 3 months ago
Akali that girl, Kali go grrrr 🔥Photo by @atwes•••#blacklight #cosplay... 54 3 months ago
Play me like a dummy~Few days to receive Akali and... 9 4 months ago
K/DA IS BACK LOL!Don’t miss my Akali set on P🅰️trеоn!... 31 4 months ago
KDA Akali jacket progress! Yesterday I worked on this and... 56 5 months ago
Some progress on Akalis patch for her jacket. Eric has... 10 5 months ago
Now that the ears book is complete we will finally... 66 6 months ago
Akali that girl, 'Kali go grr,'Kali don't stop, 'Kali don't... 278 6 months ago
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