Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Sep 26, 1986
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone

Beware of Dracula and his ghoulish minions as you enter his lair…

Castlevania marked the beginning of Konami’s acclaimed series, one that is still going strong today!

As vampire hunter Simon Belmont, you must fight your way through Dracula's castle teeming with ghosts, goblins, demons and other supernatural creatures. Six challenging levels await before you finally confront the Count himself.

Step into the shadows of the deadliest dwelling on Earth. You’ve arrived at Castlevania, and you’re here on business: to destroy the curse of the Evil Count, once and for all. Make your way through six monstrous floors filled with bats, ghosts, zombies, and every kind of ghoulish creature you can imagine. Use the legendary whip Vampire Killer and a host of deadly weapons to battle your way to Dracula’s chamber and.the ultimate duel of good vs. evil.

You'll need your wits and weapons to survive because when you finally meet Dracula, you know he’ll be going for the jugular. So keep your courage up and your stake sharp!

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Castlevania Creators

Kinuyo Yamashita
Total Games: 1
Satoe Terashima
Total Games: 1
Hitoshi Akamatsu
director, programmer
Total Games: 1
Nobuhiro Matsuoka
Total Games: 1
Noriyasu Togakushi
Total Games: 1
Akihiko Nagata
Total Games: 1
Hidenori Maezawa
Total Games: 5
Krisjan Hatlelid
Total Games: 1
Kris Hatlelid
composer, designer
Total Games: 1
Krisjan Hatlield
Total Games: 1
József Molnár
designer, programmer
Total Games: 1

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