Ken Fedesna - is a video game producer. Ken Fedesna began his career in 1993 and has worked for companies such as Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Midway Games, Eurocom, Other Ocean Interactive, Avalanche Software, SEGA, Midway, '''Game Boy Advance''', Virtucraft, '''iOS''', SNES''', GT Interactive, WMS Industries, Williams Entertainment, Acclaim Entertainment, Genesis, SNES (PAL)''', '''Mega Drive, Probe Entertainment, Sculptured Software and home versions. Ken Fedesna's first game was Mortal Kombat 2 which was released 28 years ago. Best Game Ken Fedesna contributed to was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Ken Fedesna's latest work is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 which was released 25 years ago.