Dead Island Riptide

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Apr 22, 2013
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Riptide is a standalone expansion pack to the game Dead Island from the Polish studio Techland. The action takes place immediately after the end of the original game: the main characters assumed that they escaped danger, but fate decreed otherwise and they find themselves on a ship full of zombies.

According to the schedule and the gameplay, the game was not far from its predecessor. The game is still a mixture of first-person action-RPG and survival horror. Just like in the first game, the character gains new levels, upgrades skills and buys new equipment. Structurally, the game has changed little: the player is again forced to perform repetitive tasks and seek salvation.

The campaign can be completed in solo or in a cooperative mode. The level of complexity, in this case, increases accordingly. The game realistically recreates the process of dismembering the bodies of zombies which is franchise is known for. Developers also tuned the game setting a bit, fixed the bugs and shortcomings of the previous game.

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Pawel Blaszczak
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Jacek Brzeziński
director, producer, designer
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Paweł Marchewka
director, designer
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Łukasz Skurczyński
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Krzysztof Kwiatek
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Marek Soból
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Tomasz Soból
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Krzysztof Sałek
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