Defy Gravity

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Jan 07, 2011
ESRB Rating:

Little indie studios are always finding a way to stay noticed, and this puzzle platforming game is another proof. Small indie studio Fish Factory Studio published only this game to the most positive feedback. There is no story or a plotline because the game centers on the formula of a player having a unique weapon or a unique mechanic that will help them to solve puzzles. In the case of Kara, voiceless character controlled by the player, it’s a gun that creates gravity or anti-gravity anomalies. She can push and pull not only other items but herself as well.
All 24 basic maps that form the challenge Gauntlet players have to complete are a linear map with a single entrance and a single exit. After the first level where players are trying to learn controls and mechanics, types of the traps and obstacles they will have to overcome, the game will ramp up the difficulty. Eventually, after completing the main game, the second quest mode will become available, that will add 24 more levels.

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