Dragon's Crown

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Jul 25, 2013
ESRB Rating:
13+ teen
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2D fantasy action / RPG game takes place in the dungeons and labyrinths in a fantasy Middle Ages.


The Kingdom of Hydeland is rich in vast labyrinths and catacombs deep underground, and monsters dwell on the surface in dark forests and wastelands.

An ancient artifact of the kingdom called "The Crown of the Dragon" was stolen. The king went to look for him, but did not return - now the inhabitants of the kingdom are looking for someone who can return the crown and find the King.

You can choose one of six characters to be those who will entrust this important matter.


The Fighter is a melee connoisseur, his armor and shield provide him with the most reliable protection of all classes.

The Amazon can inflict damage to several enemies at the same time, wielding a two-handed sword or just hands.

The Wizard is a spell master.

The Elf is a master of bows and arrows, deadly in long-distance combat.

The Dwarf is very strong, carries one weapon in each hand, can pick up and throw various objects, even enemies.

The Sorceress is weak physically, but she can create food with magic, control skeletons, and turn enemies into harmless frogs.

Gameplay, beat ‘em up and trophies

The combat system allows you to add simple movements in crushing combinations. The role of high-quality equipment in the game is also very large, the search for opportunities to improve it is no less important than the battle with enemies.

To get as many trophies as possible, the hero is accompanied by two satellites cracker Ranni and Tiki the fairy.

Ranni helps to open chests in which various treasures lie: swords, axes, bows, belts, armor, amulets and much more. You can’t put them on right away - first they need to be identified in the city, or immediately sold.

Tiki the fairy allows you to activate the glyphs engraved on the walls. With proper activation of the glyphs, the player receives bonuses - a temporary invulnerability or a healing ring.

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Dragon's Crown Creators

Hitoshi Sakimoto
composer, designer
Total Games: 20
George Kamitani
writer, director, artist, producer, designer
Total Games: 3
Katsura Hashino
writer, director, producer, designer
Total Games: 13

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