Duke Nukem 2

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Dec 03, 1993
ESRB Rating:

Duke Nukem 2 is an arcade game developed by Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment. It was originally released in 1993. WizardWorks Software published the game. The game is rated as "Meh" on AG.
Duke Nukem 2 is available on PC.
Jason Blochowiak and Robert Prince scored the game.

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Duke Nukem 2 Creators

Tom Hall
writer, director, producer, designer
Total Games: 14
George Broussard
artist, producer, designer
Total Games: 26
Todd Replogle
artist, designer, programmer
Total Games: 7
Robert Prince
Total Games: 25
Scott Miller
composer, producer, designer
Total Games: 16
Allen H. Blum III
artist, designer
Total Games: 6
Jason Blochowiak
composer, programmer
Total Games: 6
Randy Abraham
Total Games: 1
Stephen A. Hornback
Total Games: 13

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