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Aug 28, 2008
ESRB Rating:
13+ teen

Grimm, also known as American McGee's Grimm, is a fairy tale based game from the creators of American McGee's Alice. It allows the player to tinker with the famous children's stories and subvert them.


The game consists of 23 episodes that were originally released weekly. Each episode is based on a different fairy tale by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (or, occasionally, by some other author). Every tale starts as a traditional sweet story for children until the main character, a dwarf named Grimm, interferes with the plot. Grimm tries to make the tales darker, grittier and bloodier, the way they used to be originally. As a result of his actions, the tales turn into deconstructions of their well-known plots. There's no more "happily ever after" for the Red Riding Hood, Snow White, or Cinderella, and Puss-in-Boots becomes a vile trickster.


The player assumes the role of Grimm. Everywhere the mischevious dwarf goes, he sends a wave of black magic that spoils everything around him. His goal is to convert the in-game objects and characters into their "dark" versions to alter the plots of the tales. The level of his power is measured by the Dark-O-Meter. The characters in the tales will often try to revert Grimm's magic to make the tales sweet again.


Unlike American McGee's Alice, which was creepy and disturbing, Grimm is rather comical, albeit with the sense of black humor. The game features simplistic geometric 3D design and is set to the "childish" whimsy music.

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System Requirements

Minimum: OS: Windows Vista / XP / 7 Processor: 2.4 GHz Single Core Pentium Processor Memory: 512 MB RAM Graphics:... all Grimm system requirements

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Grimm Creators

American McGee
writer, director, composer, producer, designer
Total Games: 12
Paul Kurowski
Total Games: 2
Ken Wong
artist, designer
Total Games: 3
Jason Tai
Total Games: 2
R. J. Berg
writer, producer, designer
Total Games: 2

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