Hardware: Rivals

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Jan 05, 2016
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone

Hardware: Rivals is an online multiplayer combat game where players perform as vehicles. This is the second edition of the series, the successor of Hardware: Online Arena.


The goal is to win races, survive through attacks, hit other vehicles and complete challenges. The player can either ride Tanks, also known as the Predators, or Fast Attack Vehicles, also known as the Wraiths.
FAVs are fast and graceful but can’t carry much damage. Tanks are heavy and slow but can survive through lots of hits. There are three maps available: “Blister Lake,” “Quarry” (also known as “Jackson's Pit”) and “Lost Temple.”
Each one has its challenges. They provide something different to do while the player is riding. For example, a challenge to drive through the underground bunker on Blister Lake as fast as possible; or jump over the temple on The Lost Temple as far as possible. The player can set a score for a challenge at any time during races. If he beats others' scores, he can be offered to challenge friends who also play Hardware.

Key features

Each vehicle is equipped with a weapon that never runs out of ammo. The weapon is used to damage or even finish off opponents. Tanks have a shell that carries a heavy thrust but requires accuracy for each shot. FAVs has a turret mounted heavy machine gun that has a wide area of the shooting. The player can find a secondary weapon located around the arenas. These pickups are more powerful than the primary weapons.

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