Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

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Dec 04, 2001
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10+ everyone
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The game that started Jak and Daxter series is a mixture of 3D platforming and puzzles delivered in a cartoonish visual style.


Jak and Daxter’s world is a distant fantasy planet. It is dominated by the ruins and technologies of an ancient civilization, the Precursors. This civilization also created eco, a type of energy that comes in different colors and can be used to various effects. There’s the dark eco that can distort life, and its Dark Sage, Gol Acheron, is going to unleash it on the world. He sent his servants, the Lurkers, to gather eco for him.


The player assumes the role of Jak, a mute yet troublemaking teenage boy. His best friend is a boy called Daxter. When the two explored the forbidden ruins, the Lurkers attacked them. Daxter came under the influence of dark eco and mutated into a mixture of otter and weasel he calls “ottsel.” He can still talk, however, and will comment on Jak’s actions throughout the game. Jak learns that only Gol Acheron can bring Daxter back to normal. The boy, accompanied by Daxter on his shoulder, sets out on a dangerous journey to save his friend and the world.


Much of the gameplay is centered around collecting items and resources. On each level, Jak has to obtain power cells to activate Precursors’ machines and advance to the next area. Other collectibles, such as eco particles, improve the protagonist’s attacks, health, or speed. Jak’s attacks are mostly hand-to-hand, but yellow eco allows him to shoot bolts.

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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Creators

Bruce Straley
director, artist, designer
Total Games: 10
Mark Mothersbaugh
Total Games: 7
Jason Rubin
writer, director, artist, producer, designer
Total Games: 8
Andy Gavin
producer, designer, programmer
Total Games: 7
Bob Rafei
director, artist, programmer
Total Games: 9
Josh Mancell
Total Games: 8
Mark Cerny
writer, director, producer, designer, programmer
Total Games: 6
Charles Zembillas
Total Games: 6
Evan Wells
designer, programmer
Total Games: 6

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