Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

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Nov 13, 2007
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In this crime thriller, Kane and Lynch are hardened gangsters who are soon to be executed. Instead, they are released from the prison by a gang that believes Kane stole its money. The gang has Kane’s family as hostages and wants the money back. Kane, Lynch, and other criminals they will hire have to gather the required sum by robbing banks, kidnapping people for ransom, and completing other criminal tasks. Gameplay in Kane & Lynch is slightly reminiscent of GTA series with its third-person cop-shooting massacres. However, instead of the open world, there are consecutive levels with a mission in each, like in Hitman series (which was made by the same studio).
In the story mode, Kane is the only protagonist under the player’s control. Lynch and other members of the gang are AI-controlled, though Kane can order them to move, follow, or attack. In the co-op mode, the other player can assume the role of Lynch. Playing for him is a little different because Lynch is a psychopath who sees hallucinations. There’s also an online multiplayer mode called Fragile Alliance that includes several new maps. In this mode, the team of players tries to survive the police assault and reach their getaway car.

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System Requirements

Minimum configuration (800x600, detail reduced) OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz or AMD... all Kane and Lynch: Dead Men system requirements

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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Creators

Jesper Kyd
Total Games: 31
Martin Vestergaard Madsen
writer, artist
Total Games: 2
Martin Kramme Guldbæk
Total Games: 1
Jens Peter Kurup
writer, director
Total Games: 1
Oliver Winding
Total Games: 1
Hugh Grimley
Total Games: 1

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