Mob Rule Classic

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Aug 27, 1999
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Welcome to 1930′s America. Thanks in a large part to Prohibition, organized crime is on the rise and a number of criminal families are fighting for national control of the illicit markets – booze, prostitution, numbers, you name it – it’s all sprouting up like weeds through Johnny Law’s clenched fist!

This is a dog-eat dog world of corruption, murder and sex – and as the new kid on the block you’re looking a little like ‘milk on the bone’!

Mob Rule is a Real-Time Strategy game that simulates an underworld grab for power, wealth and real estate. You’ll start off as a small time thug and you’ll have just enough assets to build a soup kitchen. Choose a tenant and start working the ‘hood’.

Slowly but surely you’ll build up an empire and drive away your competition. You’ll conscript a loyal workforce, fix things with the cops, make the right pay-offs and succeed in your quest for total control.

Alternatively, you might just screw up completely and end up sleeping with the fishes!

Game Features

Over 40 unique and upgradable buildings!

Three kinds of troops: Thugs, Repairmen and Gangsters!

Ten quirky tenants!

Multiple resources to manage and use to construct your empire!

System Requirements

Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista Processor: Pentium 75MHz Memory: 4 MB RAM Graphics: 1Mb Vesa Video graphics card Storage: 600... all Mob Rule Classic system requirements

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