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Aliens Versus Predator (1999) game series

The best Aliens Versus Predator (1999) series games

Released: Feb 16, 2010 (11 years ago)
The game is based in part on the series of films "Alien" and "Predator". Heroes represent three races: a human, an Alien and a Predator....
Released: Apr 30, 1999 (21 years ago)
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 features the Colonial Marine, Alien and Predator Campaigns and the frenetic single-player Skirmish mode from the original title: Alien Versus...
Released: Jan 01, 2001 (20 years ago)
AVP 2 takes you to Planet LV1201, where three diverse and bloodthirsty species battle for survival. The story-driven plot weaves together the fates of all...