Super Stardust HD

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Jun 28, 2007
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone
Super Stardust™ HD for the PlayStation®3 system is a fully updated version of the classic game Stardust. Your mission is simple: destroy everything in sight!
With five highly detailed 3D planets to save, hordes of enemies and asteroids to destroy, and various game play modes, Super Stardust™ HD presents super intense action.

Super Stardust™ HD is now available in 3D to provide the most immersive gaming experience ever, along with Simulview support in co-op, so you and a friend can view two completely different game views on the same 3D TV screen! 3D TV not required to play Super Stardust™ HD.

Super Stardust™ HD ©2007 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by Housemarque OY. Super Stardust is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Video output in HD requires cables and an HD-compatible display, both sold separately. This game supports displays ranging from standard definition to 1080p displays.

Compatible 3D display, cables, components & PS3™ firmware 3.30 or later required. Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, eye fatigue, or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing 3D video games on 3D televisions. SCE recommends that all viewers take regular breaks while watching 3D video, or playing 3D video games. The length and frequency of necessary breaks may vary from person to person – please take breaks that that are long enough to allow any feelings of discomfort to subside. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

The vision of young children (especially those under six years old) is still under development. Prior to viewing 3D programs, consult with your child’s physician (such as a pediatrician or eye doctor) before allowing young children to watch 3D video images or play 3D video games.

Purchase or use of this item is subject to the PSN Terms of Service and this item’s use restrictions. If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not purchase or use this item. One-time license fee for downloads to up to 2 console systems that are associated with the purchasing account.
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Super Stardust HD Creators

Ari Pulkkinen
writer, composer
Total Games: 13
Harri Tikkanen
director, designer
Total Games: 4
Ivan Davies
Total Games: 3

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