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Aug 25, 1994
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As the first game in the long-running King of Fighters series, The King
of Fighters ’94 brought together popular characters from other
well-known franchises and pitted them against each other. Match warriors
from Fatal Fury against favorites from its sister series, Art of
Fighting. Or see if the casts of the Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier
series better suit your fighting style. Plus, there’s a set of brand-
new characters, exclusive to the KOF series, that are willing to join
the fray. But there’s a twist—instead of the standard best best-two-
out- of- three- rounds fight setup, players choose one of eight teams,
each made up of three teammates. To win, all members of the other team
must be eliminated before your fighters are knocked out. Use the game’s
power gauge to inflict maximum damage and end the round with a
devastating finishing move. It’s a battle royal unlike anything else—a
game whose inspiration is easily seen in the fighting games that
followed it. Can your team be the last one standing?
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