The Playroom VR

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Oct 10, 2016
ESRB Rating:
13+ teen

The Playroom VR is a minigame collection developed for Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality system. The game was released as a free launch title for the system.


The game has heavy local multiplayer focus. The Playroom VR consists of 5 minigames: Cat and Mouse, Ghost House, Monster Escape, Wanted and Robots Rescue.
In Cat and Mouse, the player with VR is a cat, and TV players are mice. The mice’s goal is to collect pieces of cheese scattered across the kitchen floor without being noticed, while cat must catch the mice. The cat can only notice mice when they are moving.
Ghost House is a cooperative minigame where players clear a haunted house from ghosts. The VR Player has a vacuum cleaner that sucks ghosts in and can scan parts of the room to find them. However, only TV players can see the ghost so they must explain the ghost hunter their placement.
In Monster Escape the VR player takes a role of a giant sea monster that must hit other players running from them. The monster has to smash buildings and helicopters to do so. The game’s noticeable feature is that everything monster player says goes through speakers in a high-pitched voice.
In Wanted the VR player is a sheriff that must shoot. But the only player now how bandits look like so they must describe them to the sheriff as fast as possible.
Robots Rescue is a 3D platformer in which VR must save robots completing platforming sequences while TV players create winds that help reach certain places and solve puzzles.

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