The Saboteur

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Nov 12, 2009
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Not all wars are fought on the open battlefield. Download The Saboteur to visit 1940s Nazi-occupied Paris, as you play tough Irish racecar mechanic Sean Devlin. Working with the French Resistance, Sean is out for revenge against ruthless Nazi Colonel Kurt Dierker, who executed Sean’s best friend.

This open-world action thriller takes you through the seedy streets of Paris, as you seek to undermine the German authority and lead a rebellion. Fight across rooftops and through dangerous alleys, and operate a wide variety of vehicles as you navigate your terrain. You can even climb the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral for a sniping mission.

Use stealth and disguise to strike at the heart of the Nazi war machine by disabling trains, destroying bridges, and blowing up enemy facilities. As you work to remove the oppressive forces from parts of the city, the drab black-and-white palette gives way to bright colors, signifying that you have inspired the townspeople. The more you incite the people, the more they will aid you by intervening in fights or providing a quick getaway from pursuing Germans. The Saboteur presents a fresh take on World War II and features dramatic cinematic elements.

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