The Showdown Effect

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Mar 05, 2013
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The atmosphere of the game is a collection of easily recognizable settings of action-movies of the eighties. Similarly, in the guise of the eight heroes of the game there are attributes of the heroes of these films. The action takes place on several levels, instantly recalling in memory such films as "Alien", "Bladerunner", "Terminator" and many films about martial arts.

The gameplay can also be considered one big quote from the mentioned films. Characters simply fight with each other, using a variety of weapons and interior features.

The appearance of characters, their skills, weapons and their characteristics - all this can be adjusted in many ways. You can even set up rules for fighting.
In the game there is no single-player mode, there is only multiplayer. There are no campaigns in the game, there are only different kinds of fights - for example, "One against all" or "Each for yourself". At the end of the battle, the player receives points that can be spent on new equipment, weapons or on the discovery of new characters.

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Emil Englund
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Carl Brännström
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Malin Hedström
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Johan Pilestedt
director, designer
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Mats Anderson (Pixeldiet)
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Axel Lindberg (Arrowhead)
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