The Witcher

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Oct 24, 2007
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The Witcher is the very first instalment of the series that follows the story of Geralt from Rivia. Being found unconscious on the battlefield he must retrieve his memory and help the emperor's daughter, Adda to stop her from turning in to a feral monster. Facing the biggest enemy, Salamander, Geralt must also help all the fractions around the world to find peace between each other.
The fighting system is very flexible. Choosing from three different styles, you can adapt Geralt for any kind of a combat situation. Fast style of fighting gives you an opportunity to strike your opponents with your speed. The strong style focuses itself on destroying your enemies with powerful attacks, while sweeping style is very good when facing a number of foes. You can also craft some potions to gain important benefits such as seeing in the dark or having a larger amount HP. Plot style is unique as well. The game never gives a precise definition of evil, which leads the player to convenient situations where the choice is quite bad anyway.

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The Witcher Creators

Marcin Blacha
Total Games: 5
Sebastian Stępień
writer, director
Total Games: 4
Adam Skorupa
Total Games: 11
Adam Badowski
director, artist
Total Games: 5
Paweł Błaszczak
composer, designer
Total Games: 5
Pawel Blaszczak
Total Games: 6
Maciej Miąsik
producer, designer
Total Games: 2
Jacek Brzeziński
director, producer, designer
Total Games: 3
Artur Ganszyniec
Total Games: 2
Michał Madej
Total Games: 2
Maciej Siniło
Total Games: 2

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