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Release Date:
Jul 03, 2009
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone
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Trine is a puzzle game in the genre of platforming. The gameplay of this game is based on a full interaction of three characters, and without the unique ability of one or another, you will not be able to pass a specific level.

The action takes place in a fictional Kingdom, where three main characters will try to restore the balance after their great ruler passed away. Long battles ravaged the entire state, frightening and horrific times came for all the people.

Throughout the game, you ought to solve puzzles and riddles of varying difficulty, using the unique skills of each of the three characters (Pontius the knight, Zoya the thief and Amadeus the wizard). The primary focus is made on their interaction with each other to surmount difficulties and obstacles.

The game has a unique cooperative mode. It means that players can join the game at any time they like. To overcome the obstructions that arise as the plot develops, players can combine their strengths and abilities, what significantly facilitates the passage of the game.

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Trine Creators

Ari Pulkkinen
writer, composer
Total Games: 13
Joel Kinnunen
Total Games: 2
Lauri Hyvärinen
Total Games: 2
Jukka Kokkonen
Total Games: 1
Kim Juntunen
Total Games: 1

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