Valkyria Revolution

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Jun 27, 2017
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After the revolution, a squad of elite soldiers from Jutland called Vanargand will unite against the Ruzi Empire and stop death itself, whose name is Valkyria. Full of political intrigue, a fascinating plot, combined with a tactical strategy of battle in real time, amazing design and much more in the game Valkyria Revolution will allow players to feel as if on the front of a brutal war.
Armed with the powerful magic of the ragnite mineral and super-modern weapons with mana, the gray-haired squad will stand in the way of the cruel Valkyria. However, Amleth Gronkjaer, the commander of the Vanargand squad, hides a terrible secret. Was he a friend or an enemy to the country he had sworn to protect?

This product supports the following languages; English

1 player
At least 17GB
DUALSHOCK®4 with vibration function
Remote playback is supported
PAL HD 720p,1080i,1080p

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Valkyria Revolution Creators

Yasunori Mitsuda
composer, designer
Total Games: 12
Takeshi Ozawa
director, designer
Total Games: 3
Kei Mikami
Total Games: 2
Youichi Shimosato
director, producer
Total Games: 1
Takayama Toshiaki
Total Games: 1
Hiro Kiyohara
Total Games: 1

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