Match Esports Club Kyiv (EC Kyiv) Vs. ( | 27.01

On January, 27 2021 10:57 at 10:57 (UTC) (in 1 month) Esports Club Kyiv will fight against in the Regular Stage of the Snow Sweet Snow #1 CS:GO Tournament

Previously team EC Kyiv had won over team 1 times, while had 0 victories over Esports Club Kyiv.

Team EC Kyiv (rank #162) is 35 places above (rank #197).

EC Kyiv match roster is unknown. roster is RuFire, Diray, kise, fame, s1natoRRR.

EC Kyiv current winrate is 30.00% against's 30.00%.

EC Kyiv had 6 loses in a row. Whereas team had 2 loses.