Match Nexus Gaming Nexus vs Budapest Five B5 | 17.05

On May, 17 2021 16:30 at 16:30 (UTC) (in 3 weeks) Nexus Gaming will fight against Budapest Five in the Regular Stage of the 2021 BLAST Rising Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship

In the opinion of bookmakers the champion of this match will be Budapest Five with the best odd of 1.00 offered by Pinnacle.

Team Nexus is ranked #354 among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in CQ.Rating which is 271 places lower than B5 place #83.

Teams had 4 encounters in the past, Nexus won 3 times. B5 won 1 times.

Nexus current streak is 9 loses against B5's 1 wins.

Nexus current winrate is 10.00% against B5's 50.00%.

Team Nexus will be represented by BTN, sXe, XELLOW, blytz, s0und. Whereas Team B5 is by FLEAV, FASHR, mar, coolio, kory.