Match Team One T1 vs ChocoCheck | 22.06

On June, 22 2021 23:00 at 23:00 (UTC) (1 month ago) Team One will fight against ChocoCheck in the Final Phase of the 2021 ESEA Season 37 Premier Division - North America Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

In the opinion of bookmakers the champion of this clash will be Team One with the best odd of 1.44 offered by Pinnacle.

Team T1 is placed #73 among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in CQ.Rating which is 60 places higher than ChocoCheck place #133.

T1 match roster is Maluk3, prt, malbsMd, pesadelo, xns.
ChocoCheck roster is CJ, XotiC, stamina, cxzi, JazzPimp.

T1 current streak is 5 loses against ChocoCheck's 2 loses.

Teams had no previous encounters.

ChocoCheck doing great by winning over 50.00% of their recent matches. While team T1 performs with 40.00% winrate.