Match Invictus Gaming Vitality (iG.Vitality) Vs. Dragon (Dragon) | 23.02

On February, 23 2021 07:48 at 07:48 (UTC) (1 week ago) Invictus Gaming Vitality goes up against Dragon in the Regular Phase of the Moon Studio New Year Showdown Dota 2 Tournament

Teams had no previous encounters.

Team iG.Vitality is placed #125 among Dota 2 teams in CQ.Rating which is 7 places higher than Dragon place #132.

iG.Vitality current winrate is 10.00% against Dragon's 30.00%.

Team iG.Vitality will be represented by Doodle / Buhaoyisi, ButterflyEffect, QYQX / 不是, Dust, 中3 边肥?. Whereas Team Dragon is by sss, 斗圣, 卧槽, JungleJuice, waslost.

Most of bookmakers agree that the team Invictus Gaming Vitality will prevail a Match with maximum odd of 1.73 offered by Pinnacle.

iG.Vitality current streak is 6 loses against Dragon's 3 loses.