Match OB Esports x Neon OB.NEON vs Army Geniuses AG | 22.07

On July, 22 2021 06:23 at 06:23 (UTC) (1 week ago) OB Esports x Neon will fight against Army Geniuses in the Final Stage of the PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2 Dota 2 Championship

Most of bookmakers agree that the team OB Esports x Neon will prevail a Match with the best odd of 1.10 offered by

Before this match team OB.NEON had won over team AG 1 times, while Army Geniuses had 0 victories over OB Esports x Neon.

Team OB.NEON will be represented by skem, Jaunuel, Yopaj, Enryu, Shanks. Whereas Team AG is by Db-, Mamang Daya, WoMy, Lym-, you_K.

Team OB.NEON (rank #14) is 61 places above AG (rank #75).

OB.NEON had 3 wins in a row. Whereas team AG had 2 wins.

OB.NEON current winrate is 90.00% against AG's 40.00%.