Match Oh My God (OMG) Vs. TOP Esports (TES) | 04.03

On March, 04 2021 11:12 at 11:12 (UTC) (1 month ago) Oh My God goes up against TOP Esports in the Regular Stage of the 2021 LoL Pro League Spring LoL Championship

Teams had 3 encounters in the past, OMG won 0 times. TES won 3 times.

TES doing well by winning over 70.00% of their recent matches. While team OMG performs with 30.00% winrate.

Team OMG is placed #302 among LoL teams in CQ.Rating which is 295 places lower than TES place #7.

Team OMG will be represented by cold, Alielie, New, Bright, Bafang, Aki, Eric, Wuming. Whereas Team TES is by Karsa, Yuyanjia, Knight, JackeyLove, 369, Zhuo, Photic.

OMG current streak is 2 loses against TES's 2 loses.

Most of bookies consider that the team TOP Esports will prevail a Match with the best odd of 1.06 offered by