Match Dignitas DIG vs Cloud9 C9 | 31.07

On 31 Jul 23:03 (UTC) (in 1 month) Dignitas and Cloud9 will play a match within Regular Phase of the 2021 League Championship Series Summer League of Legends Championship

In the eyes of bookies the winner of this clash will be Cloud9 with maximum odd of 1.42 offered by

Teams had 9 encounters in the past, DIG won 0 times. C9 won 9 times.

Team DIG is ranked #197 among League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating which is 131 places lower than C9 place #66.

DIG current winrate is 40.00% against C9's 60.00%.

DIG match line-up is Aphromoo, Dardoch, Yusui, FakeGod, Neo.
C9 line-up is Perkz, k1ng, Vulcan, Blaber, Fudge.

DIG had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team C9 had 1 loses.