Match Team Liquid Academy TL A vs Evil Geniuses Academy EG.A | 10.06

On June, 10 2021 21:55 at 21:55 (UTC) (1 week ago) Team Liquid Academy and Evil Geniuses Academy will play a match within Regular Phase of the 2021 North America Academy League Summer League of Legends Championship

Team TL A is ranked #179 among League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating which is 41 places lower than EG.A place #138.

Before this match team TL A had won over team EG.A 1 times, while Evil Geniuses Academy had 5 victories over Team Liquid Academy.

Most of bookies consider that the team Team Liquid Academy will win a Match with maximum odd of 1.04 offered by 1XBet.

TL A current winrate is 30.00% against EG.A's 30.00%.

TL A had 1 wins in a row. Whereas team EG.A had 0 wins (last was draw).

Team TL A will be represented by Armao, Jenkins, Eyla, Haeri, Yeon. Whereas Team EG.A is by Contractz, Mystiques, Tony Top, Jojopyun, TeamLuke.