Match Rogue Warriors Shark RWS vs Invictus Gaming Young IGY | 29.07

On 29 Jul 06:10 (UTC) (in 1 month) Rogue Warriors Shark will fight against Invictus Gaming Young in the Regular Phase of the 2021 LoL Development League Summer League of Legends Tournament

The top dog for this one most likely will be Invictus Gaming Young with maximum odd of 1.77 offered by

Previously team RWS had won over team IGY 2 times, while Invictus Gaming Young had 3 victories over Rogue Warriors Shark.

Team RWS is ranked #252 among League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating which is 105 places lower than IGY place #147.

RWS current streak is 2 loses against IGY's 2 wins.

Team RWS will be represented by Michi, xifeng, kelin, BCC, Guard1an, PandaC, eight. Whereas Team IGY is by Youdang, Mitsuki, Xzz, Tianzhen, xzy, xiaoyueji, Nana7, Baiyu, YSKM.

RWS current winrate is 10.00% against IGY's 40.00%.