Match J Team JT vs Berjaya Dragons BD | 01.08

On 01 Aug 09:09 (UTC) (in 1 month) J Team will fight against Berjaya Dragons in the Regular Phase of the 2021 Pacific Championship Series Summer Season League of Legends Tournament

Team JT is ranked #82 among League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating which is 200 places higher than BD place #282.

Most of bookmakers believes that the team J Team will win a Match with maximum odd of 1.19 offered by 1XBet.

Before this match team JT had won over team BD 5 times, while Berjaya Dragons had 3 victories over J Team.

Team JT will be represented by Mission, Lilv, Rest, Hana, Woody, Driver, Lauva. Whereas Team BD is by yijie, Rayz, Enso, K2, Shine, Minji, Arashi, Felia.

JT current streak is 1 loses against BD's 3 loses.

JT current winrate is 50.00% against BD's 30.00%.