Match Royal Club RYL vs Edward Gaming Youth Team EDG.Y | 22.07

On July, 22 2021 09:12 at 09:12 (UTC) (1 week ago) Royal Club will fight against Edward Gaming Youth Team in the Final Stage of the 2021 LDL Summer Cup League of Legends Championship

Team RYL is ranked #48 among League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating which is 17 places lower than EDG.Y place #31.

Teams had 5 encounters in the past, RYL won 2 times. EDG.Y won 3 times.

RYL match roster is S1xu, XiaoBai, yuekai, XLB, Lele, Lover11, Such, Bunny.
EDG.Y roster is xiamu, 0909, Taiyi, Leave, Monki, xiaoyu.

Most of bookies believes that the team Royal Club will prevail a Match with the best odd of 1.28 offered by Pinnacle.

RYL current winrate is 60.00% against EDG.Y's 90.00%.

RYL current streak is 2 loses against EDG.Y's 3 wins.