Match Besiktas Academy BJK.A vs Dark Passage Academy DP.A | 23.07

On 23 Jul 17:00 (UTC) (2 months ago) Besiktas Academy goes up against Dark Passage Academy in the Regular Phase of the 2021 Turkey Academy Summer League of Legends Championship

Before this match team BJK.A had won over team DP.A 3 times, while Dark Passage Academy had 6 victories over Besiktas Academy.

BJK.A had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team DP.A had 1 loses.

Team BJK.A (rank #222) is 44 places beyond DP.A (rank #178).

BJK.A match roster is MGX, Unex, Algos, Creation, Lykia, Risin.
DP.A roster is Yuros, Scorth, TREIIL, Katris, Tireurennu, Tholem, monkaS.

The top dog for this one looks to be Besiktas Academy with maximum odd of 1.44 offered by

BJK.A current winrate is 60.00% against DP.A's 60.00%.