CS:GO esports player Ali "Jame" Djami from Virtus Pro has been nominated as the 10th best player of the year 2021 by HLTV.org.

He has been playing on the professional level seen since 2017. Being 18 year-old, Jame set some records through his matches with the team Nova. Afterwards,  he moved to join Avangar in August of the same year. He has been playing alongside Alexei "Qikert" Golubev and Timur "Buster" Tulepov ever since, moving to Virtus.pro.

Jame is known for his cautious plays which even got his playstyle a meme-name Jame time. His team managed to get to the play-offs of every big tournament they've played in 2021. Mid-season their results went down, when Jame's fell to the level of 0.79. However, they've managed to bounce back once again, and caught the last train to the major.

Perhaps it is his consistency that allowed Jame to earn his place in top-10, scoring him the unofficial title of the best-rated IGL of the scene. 

2021 CSGO top players by HLTV 10th place goes to Jame