Astralis are making changes in their main CS:GO roster. One of the team members — Philip "Lucky" Edward is put to inactive status and now Asger "farlig" Jensen will compete in his position.

Astralis director K. Hvidt explains, that the player they sign is known for his aggressive playstyle and he is not afraid of challenges and fights.

Farlig is 22 year-old CS:GO player, who competed for FPX and GODSENT. Farlig himself shared a couple of lines of excitement over joining Astralis:

I probably say the same thing as most other players would say: Astralis is a team and an organization that most players can only dream of playing for, with a massive fan base who supports the team in thick and thin.

Now benched, Lucky tweeted about his new status. He regrets that he never found himself in the flow of the  Astralis game.