IEM Road to Rio is the qualifier for the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major. However, it has it's own qualifier first, which starts with a completely open stage available for the teams of all levels. The round 1 EU region matches already took place and the results are discouraging for the fans of Astralis, Fnatic and OG. 

Astralis, particularly, lost to Aurora Gaming, a Russian club that is not even in the rankings of HLTV, neither presented on Liquipedia. Fnatic had a close matchup with the French Team Falcons, and were eliminated by a difference of 2 rounds. 

Falcons were also stronger than OG later on, as they swept nexa's team eliminating them despite Abdul "Degster" Gasanov's arrival. However, later on OG won against BLUEJAYS and Portuguese Family in the tie-breaker matches and got the slot for European RMR 2022.

Five qualified teams from the first stage:

  • Sprout;
  • Team Falcons;
  • MOUZ;
  • Aurora Gaming;
  • OG.