IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs kick off today. One of the first pairs competing to advance to the next stage is MOUZ and Astralis. Below you can find detailed stats on team forms as well as some betting tips.

Astralis had 4 wins in the last 5 matches. The only loss they had was against FaZe, who are still in their best form. Important wins before the playoffs were in matches against C9 and BIG, who are big threats usually in every important competition. Astralis roster is unchanged for now:

  • Gla1ve;

  • Farlig;

  • Xyp9x;

  • blameF;

  • k0nfig.

MOUZ also had 4 wins previously. They took down Heroic, Vitality and NIP: some of top European rosters that had a lot of firepower but not so much luck. In contrary, they lost to NAVI, the top 1 team in the world as per HLTV July ratings. MOUZ registered these players again for today:

  • frozen;

  • JDC;

  • bymas;

  • torzsi;

  • Dexter.

Astralis vs MOUZ betting tips

MOUZ and Astralis met once within the past year. It was in Winter Season of IEM, where Astralis took a clean victory over MOUZ. Now the Danes have a slight advantage too, as per bookmakers. Finally, let's have a look at the odds, provided by

  • Astralis win — 1.85;

  • MOUZ win — 1.97;

  • Map total > 2.5 — 1.99;

  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․83․

Note that the odds may change in real time.