G2 and BIG will compete at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group B on September 8th. The standings are shaping up, and the spectacular clash will determine which spots the teams take. Hereby we present the prediction and the lineup updates of both teams.

G2's day 1 of group B started with a victory against MIBR. Before that the team had beaten Vitality and BIG once again. But that was when BLAST Premier Fall Groups were still on, and teams were back from the player break. G2 compete in the same lineup today:

  • NiKo;
  • HooXi;
  • jks;
  • huNter-;
  • m0NESY.

BIG lost to Outsiders earlier today, without taking a map from ex-V.pro. Now they have to deal with a stronger opponent, that has already taken one match playing them. BIG's lineup is this:

  • tabsen;
  • syrsoN;
  • k1to;
  • faveN;
  • krimbo.

BIG vs G2 prediction

Samurais are the favorites. NiKo's team might be far from its best shape, but they have experience against the Germans and can turn things around from the very beginning of the match. Furthermore, the odds from Pinnacle.com believe in G2's success.

  • BIG win — 2.64;
  • G2 win — 1.49;
  • Map Total >2․5 — 2.16;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1.70․

Note that the odds may change in real time.