October 6th matchday for IEM Rio Major EU RMR starts with the clash of Astralis and BNE. Read on for more on match history and rosters.

BNE have a stable form against lower-tier opponents. They could do nothing against NIP's Swedes but Sprout, Endpoint and EF were weaker than BNE. The latter play with their usual lineup:

  • rigoN;
  • SENER1;
  • juanflatroo;
  • sinnopsyy;
  • gxx.

Astralis still play without one of their core members. The stand-in for k0nfig now is Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen. Lately the Danes defeated Eternal Fire, but in the matchup against Ninjas things did not go as planned. It is expected now that the following 5 will have little headache facing Bad News Eagles in best-of-1: 

  • Xyp9x;
  • Gla1ve;
  • Farlig;
  • blameF;
  • MistR.

BNE vs Astralis betting tips

Teams haven't had any encounter yet. However Astralis are the one which have better experience, skills and synergy. Accordingly, the odds presented by Pinnacle state that Astralis will end the match in their favor.

Please note that odds may change in real time.