The predicted clash of fans attending Rio major obtained another form. Now the latest scandal happened with a caster, who has already been fired amidst ESL's IEM Rio. The incident was caused after he was heavily drunk in bar. Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett entered the hotel ballroom then and had a verbal quarrel with the technical team, who were getting the venue prepared as a "plan B" arena for players to compete during downtimes of the main stage. 

The furious Sadokist threw objects towards the staff of popular streamer Gaules, whose documentary was being filmed in that moment. Trivett smashed a TV within the room, prompting a response from staff. Not long afterwards, he was met by one of ESL officials, who tried to calm him down, but it was the police who indeed stopped the situation arriving shortly after that. Here is how ESL had to say after firing the caster:

We can confirm that an incident took place last night involving Sadokist. As a result of this, Anders has stepped in to commentate for the remainder of the tournament. We have no further comments and would like the focus to remain on the competition. 

IEM Rio's Legends stage is done, and teams start the competition from Champions stage from November 10 to 13.