One of the fans placed a huge bet on Gambit Esports winning the game against Team Vitality at IEM Winter 2021. The better risked his $41,322 with a chance to turn them into $71,314 if the CIS roster will be able to advance to the next round. 

Both Vitality and Gambit are considered to be the favorites of the tournament, according to bookmakers, yet only one of them will be able to keep fighting for the trophy. Analysts expect Gambit to have a slight advantage which can be connected to the rumors about upcoming roster changes for the French side. According to those, we might see two Danis players joining Vitality from Astralis, and if that's true, then the current roster's motivation may not be on the highest level.

Gambit vs Vitality is scheduled for 7:15 PM CET on December 5th. The winner of this game will face in the next round, and many CIS fans are surely eager to see the CIS derby in the semi-finals. 

Gambit Esports vs Team Vitality odds:

  • Winner: Gambit (1.86).
  • Winner: Team Vitality: (1.97).
  • Map total: <2.5 (1.83).
  • Map total: >2.5 (1.91).