IEM Dallas is getting more and more interesting with matchups like today's Imperial Esports and Team Liquid. We present winning odds and match history of both teams below.

FalleN's team already kicked the season with a failure. They could not overcome the first obstacle representing their own country. FURIA won the bo1 match yesterday. But that does not mean that the Brazilian legends are out of the event, as today they surely have their chances to beat the opponent. Imperial have the following 5 on their side today:

  • FalleN;
  • fer;
  • Boltz;
  • fnx;
  • VINI.

Liquid haven't been able to find their game for ages. They succeed in RMR stages and qualified for the major, but couldn't use their own advantages in a proper manner during the biggest event of the year. They lost to C9 on the opening day, who are not in a good form either. Liquid have registered these players against Imperial:

  • shox;
  • nitr0;
  • ELiGE;
  • NAF;
  • oSee.

Imperial vs Liquid winning odds

This one seems to be a matchup of equal strengths. However, Liquid have higher chances of victory in the eyes of analysts. And that is despite the fact that Imperial have already defeated Liquid on May 9th, with a 1:0 score. The odds are as follows:

  • Imperial win — 2.07;
  • Liquid win — 1.75;
  • Map total >2.5 — 1.89;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․87․