A pley.gg CS:GO pro Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen lately posted an opinion video, presenting his picks on the future CS:GO stars. Note that these are not from tier 1 clubs, but from lower divisions.

The top 10 is occupied by Astralis Talent Fessor: he was picked for overall good form in competitive CS. Next in the list on number 9 is Joel from Tokyo Revengers. He was picked for purely his mechanical skills. 8th place goes to mhL from MOUZ NXT. His aim and skills on multiple weapons are his top advantage. The next one is wOnderful from HellRaisers. He is a well-balanced player, who chooses his tempo wisely while defending or attacking. Top 6 is taken by Regali, a talented player from Fnatic Rising. His positioning is just what his team needs most in the current playstyle. 

5th player, in the pro's opinion is siuhy, again from MOUZ NXT. His key talent is his communication and leadership. Apart from that, he has enough experience to read the opponent on-the-go. Another 17 year old pro player from MOUZ NXT is Xertion: teammates say he is the "young Dupreeh". Thus he is willing to help his team at any part of the map, any time of day. Top 3 starts with again, a MOUZ NXT talent, this time, the youngest one. Jimpphat is 15 years old and his movement and aim seem to be insane. He just lacks the team play elements, which can be learned later in his career. The runner up spot belongs to 1WIN player Deko. Despite playing in tier 3, he is the most well-rounded player from the row of similar athletes. 

Finally, his number one pick was B8 Esports Ankle. He was picked for having the best mechanical skills from the rest 9. His speedy clicks and movement precision, as well as controlling his tempo correctly made him the player with the greatest potential of improvement.