CS:GO tournament organizers make announcements quite often these days regarding their workflow changes, affected by the Ukrainian crisis. Lately, a couple of European orgs shared their approach, including Elisa Esports and Eden Esports.

Elisa Esports is a Finnish tournament organiser, which now suspends all the Russian-owned clubs to participate in in their events. Now there are no teams with such status competing in Elisa Invitational, but when it comes to the future events, teams like Gambit, Virtus.Pro and forZe will not be able to take part in those.

The other CS:GO events organizer, Eden Esports based in Malta and operating Malta Vibes series, noted that they have no plans to start any tournament as for now. The CEO Sergey Bidzan stated: "Many of the crew members are from Ukraine and currently located either in bomb shelters or on the frontline. We'll get back to esports once possible "

Perhaps the more positive solution is suggested by Relog Media. Even though there are no ongoing tournaments announced by the company, they are inviting players to move to Serbia, where Relog grant them all the necessary conditions and utilities for tournament preparations. Already 50 players have benefited from this offer.  "We are closely working with our partners on this matter and certainly do hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible." , the company says.

The first operator to freeze its contract with Russian teams during the first week of horrific conflict was BLAST. Others joined in supporting the sanctions later, including Gamers Galaxy and ESL.