The complications between CSPPA and CS:GO tournament project FLASHPOINT is not over yet. The latter were supposed to pay partner teams players an equivalent of $11,000 each, while the $2 million of investment by 8 partner orgs vanished with no proper report. 

One of the first reasons of FLASHPOINT to fall apart, was that the partners became less and less interested in the league created to be an online entertainment during the COVID outburst time. At the same time, BLAST and ESL had their own revenue sharing system, trying to keep competing with the newly-created FLASHPOINT.

Eventually, one of the famous co-founders, Duncan "Thorin" Shields, decided to leave the project too, releasing criticism towards the board of directors, who were leaving the project one after another. The legal action will probably taken against FLASHPOINT's parent company, B Site, who should have devoted a guaranteed minimum of funds to the tournament participants.