Esports Investigation Commission (ESIC) made a press release on May 5 2022, presenting further punishments for those CS:GO coaches, who took advantage of the game's spectator mode bug in official matchmakings, to provide information to the team members, or for their own knowledge. This is an unfair approach, as the bug leaves the opponent team in exposure as like what sort of weaponry are they buying or which area of the map are they rushing first.

The investigation of this matter dates back to 2020, when 37 coaches were found guilty in using the bug. Earlier this year, esports journalist Richard Lewis announced that ESIC are going to punish 50 more coaches with the same accusation. And now, the official announcement from the commission came, which hints that there have been spectator bug users in at least 97 matchups. The commission had to review 99,650 video demos, in order to figure out the guilty teams/coaches.

As a result, the penalty mechanism states that "cheating offenses of this nature may carry a sanction of up to 24 months subject to the discretion of the Commissioner. " This one refers to the "free roam bug", while for the third person spectator bug there will be at least 30-day ban for the guilty.

One of the first coaches affected from the strict ruling is Team Spirit's Sergey "hally" Shavaev, who might miss the upcoming CS:GO major under these sanctions.