ESL Season 15 advances with the next match of the day showcasing G2 against Fnatic. Pre-match statistics and registered rosters can be found below.

G2 had mixed results lately. The game against MOUZ turned out to be not as easy as it seemed beforehand. The surprise loss means that the team should think about their gameplay twice, before becoming overconfident in ESL Pro League Season 15. Still, they have all the cards to pull a win against fnatic. G2's lineup is here:

  • huNter-;
  • JACKZ;
  • NiKo;
  • m0NESY.

Fnatic have won their last match against LFO, but the encounters with NIP and GamerLegion were not as positive in results. Soon they might feel the absence of Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin even more, if they continue to lose in the  season. However, this roster can demonstrate their best skills when Fnatic is truly in need:

  • Banjo;
  • ALEX;
  • poizon;
  • mezii;
  • Peppzor.

G2 vs Fnatic winning odds

Teams met previously 36 times. G2 Esports won 17 times, whole Fnatic took the victory 19 times. However, now teams look completely different. Surely, Fnatic will miss KRIMZ and Brollan, so G2 come into this game with a favorite status. Winning odds are the following:

  • G2 win — 1.69;
  • Fnatic win — 2.18;
  • Map total > 2.5 —  1.91;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.83․