ESL Pro League S15 advances with the Group D best-of-3 match of Heroic and Evil Geniuses. Winning odds and team forms are here to look at.

Heroic ended the last day of March on a positive note, cruising past Astralis and showing the community who has better shape in Spring 2022. Now, they have to prove their worth in the LAN format against an, arguably, weaker opponent in the face of EG. Heroic's team is the same as yesterday:

  • cadiaN;
  • refrezh;
  • stavn;
  • sjuush;
  • TeSeS

Evil Geniuses were outclassed in the match against NAVI. S1mple's rating with 1.79 and 45 AWP kills sums up how unprepared were their opponents. Of course, Heroic are not in top-4 of global ranking as of now, but EG need to work hard to start generating stability in their play. EG's players for today are:

  • RUSH;
  • autimatic;
  • Stewie2k;
  • Brehze;
  • CeRq.

Heroic vs EG winning odds

Analysts have little doubt when it comes to picking the winner this time. EG are the underdogs, while Heroic look even better after the derby with Astralis. The odds for Heroic vs EG are:

  • Heroic Win β€” 1.15;
  • Evil Geniuses Win β€” Β 5.36;
  • Map Total >2.5 Β β€” 2.85;
  • Map Total <2.5 β€” 1.43.